Saturday, August 8, 2009

Colorful Pepper Relish

Chop (we used a food processor):
1 doz. red peppers
1 doz. green peppers
1 doz. Vidalia onions
(we used four red, four orange, four yellow and a dozen green peppers)

Put it all together in a large pot. Drain off any liquids.

Bring a separate large pot to boil and pour over peppers and onions. Let sit 15 minutes and then drain off the water.

3 cups sugar
3 tsp. salt
1 Tbsp. celery seed
2 Tbsp. white mustard sead
1 quart cider vinegar

Boil 10 minutes.

The relish is now ready to can using your favorite canning method. We put the hot relish in hot jars that had been in the oven for 200 degrees sealing with rings and lids that had been simmering on the stove on low heat. Every can sealed!


  1. :) sounds delish. I would love some of that on top of either cream cheese or goat cheese with some crackers.

  2. We had some today on good beef hot dogs and couldn't get enough of it : )

  3. so right Kellie. and Char, that sounds like a good idea...